Agencies contract for state of the art web and multimedia programming


Total Spectrum Advertising is a full-service advertising agency in Placentia, CA. Although traditional print, video and web design are the staples of Total Spectrum, at times a customer project comes along that pushes the envelope. That’s when they call on to deliver.

Visual Image Solutions is an agency in Colorado. They had created a cool online catalog for a customer in Flash, with an Access database backend. But their programmer was stumped when they needed the catalog put into a multimedia CD-ROM format. We stepped in to help convert it.

The customer wants this, but how?

When James Hardie building products wanted to create a multimedia CD-ROM to showcase their siding product line, they turned to Total Spectrum. But when they requested a sophisticated material calculator on the CD-ROM that would allow the user to choose products, enter measurements, and print reports, Total Spectrum turned to us.


Figure 1 – Material Calculator


Advertising agencies frequently have an in-house core team of creative individuals that excel in graphic design and layout, and new ideas of “what would be cool.” But when those projects come up that need to go the extra mile, the agency will usually hire freelance Figure 1 shows one of the screens from James Hardie’s “material calculator”. This is a great example of where the creative genius of the advertising agency meets the programming brains of Note the scrolling form that disappears under the curved moulding, and the images that appear on the left when the user clicks the category buttons. But the forms are completely functional, and the data is captured and used to calculate needed materials, and a report can be printed at the end.


Every company has their strengths and weaknesses. In the area of good solid, well-rounded programming expertise, excels, and is a great resource for advertising agencies who find themselves short-staffed in that area, or embarking on a project that is technically too difficult. Whether it is coding a php script to make a web form functional, developing an extensive multimedia CD-ROM in Macromedia Director, or tying a database backend and business logic together with a cool front end that the agency’s designer’s developed, we are the resource to turn to.